The Energies of Colour and Light

Everything is energy, even the keyboard on which I am typing this is made up of millions of tightly packed energetic parcels. So tightly packed that the plastic feels firm and solid under my fingers. Everything is made up of this energy, bound together to a greater or lesser degree, packed together to make the world that we see around us.

We, as human being are also made up of energies and it is the free flowing nature of these energies that help us to remain well and free from dis-ease. Which is really another name for free flowing energies becoming blocked and stuck. These energy centres are known as chakras.

If we take the idea of chakra energy further then a system such as colour consultation can expand us into a fascinating world of energy that is expressed through colour and light. This energy extends into our home environment and the areas where we choose to spend our time. They say that you can tell what sort of a person you are by the company you keep and when we look at the living space around us, our inner self is reflected by our everyday surroundings. That not only means the home environment but the work place and where we hang out with our friends. Talking about friends it is also our relationships with other people that reflect much about how we see ourselves in the world.

The wonderful thing about colour is that it is a tool that can start helping and illuminating any situation depending upon our intent A colour consultation for example can be focussed on the home environment, on the hidden soul aspects or anything else that takes our fancy – for it is simply a key to unlock the parts of ourselves that are needing to be nurtured and loved.

Sometimes we turn to our environment as a first unconscious step to becoming whole within ourselves. Colour consultation is not the new Feng Shui, it is not really new at all, it is an ancient system that brings old teaching for a new age, whether it be through coloured bottles, scarves, sprays or creative painting. Perhaps you could say that it is a system perfectly attuned to the moment that we are in.

So let’s just take a look at the possibilities of seeing colour and light, not just as shades and tints but as living energies that affect our every day lives. Instead of feeling that we have to introduce a colour into our lives maybe be can explore instead how to introduce the energy of that colour instead. Energies are the fabric of life and like Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dreamcoat, our lives are filled with hidden energies and energetics that we often don’t understand and cannot comprehend. Maybe if we explored and understood some of the feelings and energies related to each colour we could empathise a bit more with what our energy body really needs and wants rather than guessing.

For example take that craving we often have for sugar or chocolate – those sweets that we can’t say no to. (Did you know there is a colour association with yes and no and I don’t know? Well there is.) Sometimes we need the energy of a particular colour, the problem is that we have no real idea of the language of colour so we often misread the signals. Sometimes, the reason we crave the sugar is because we have gone for too long without eating or we might have low energy levels. Energy is very much connected with the colour red, the colour we need when our get up and go has got up and left. Every single colour means something different.┬áIsn’t it a language worth getting fluent!

The home environment is a constant reminder of how we are relating in the world. I know that when things are chaotic, often they are chaotic within, but the home environment is only one aspect and we must look beyond into the energetic illusions of the world to help us. Sometimes the problem is that there is so much going on! But in every situation we would do well to keep remembering that the greatest guide is within and although the trend seems to be to ask others for guidance and help, ultimately we can only find our path by going within.

Because the information outside of ourselves is so prolific we naturally see the teachers as having answers. And although the opportunity to tap into inner answers is enhanced in a group environment, it is only when a individual holds his or her own centre that the greater truth can emerge. Group energy, when focussed on an individual or a teacher who does not acknowledge the power and importance of every member of the group means that the danger is that we keep going around in circles instead of building up the momentum needed to create an onward spiral.

If we can apply this situation of creating harmony within a group environment and bring the principles into the home environment maybe we can become aware enough to make changes with the help that can be obtained by things like colour and light

Colour is a language that we can all learn and it provides and opportunity to provide ourselves with a non intrusive, self selective way to help ourselves. It is a wonderful stepping stone for us all but the ultimate teaching of the colours is that we are the colours and therefore have everything within us that we need to grow. So it seems important for us at this time to start to release our own wisdom into the world to enable each to read our own energy messages and act on them for the future.