New Approaches

Tree LogoNew Approaches is a charity that provides a nation-wide information service free of charge to cancer patients and their families. Working in co-operation with conventional cancer treatment it can recommend experienced holistic and complementary practitioners, support groups and local clinics in any area. Although the charity started as a cancer charity, it is also a great example on how to “stay well” and keep the body, mind and spirit in tip top form.

It been running for over 40 years and helps people to help themselves through illness by encouraging them to use food and complementary therapies to support them.  The charity offers talks a practical demonstrations at their support groups and recommends yoga and gentle therapies to maintain a healthy balance.

During close association with New Approaches we have seen people’s lives and health transformed through a change of diet and the adoption of gentle therapies.  Not just cancer patients – people of all ages with many different and diverse conditions  The love, care and support for individuals,  patients and their families and friends has been truly inspirational.

The charity website is full of helpful information and occasional extracts from their newsletters will be published here in the Healing hints section but may be read in full at along with details of support groups, free classes and talks.

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