Healing Hints

Fancy a colour boost!

If anyone at any time feels disconnected with their true purpose, help is always at hand, we just need to look out of the window.

Colour in nature is all around, secretly hiding in buds and behind clouds, it is the flash of sunshine on an azure sea.  A smouldering sunset brings a rain sodden day to a devastating and effective climax creating pictures framed by fire and colours that have never been captured by man except perhaps within the deep recess of imagination.

The sunrise sends the full spectrum out into the day, filling the world it touches with a special gift, behind the smoke-screen of colour a daily saturation of peach/pink energy to bring love to everything in its path.

We can experience the healing quality of light in its purest form simply by using the imagination.  To imagine the light and colour being absorbed by the body can be a powerful tool in self-healing.  Who does not feel uplifted when the sun is shining out of a clear blue sky and we are surrounded by all the colours that nature has to offer us.  This is colour healing that we can all receive, any time, anywhere.

Walking in the spring sunshine after a long hard winter is just the tonic needed to promote good health, but how often do we take time to absorb the medicine?