Sue offers individual colouring sessions as a form of non-intrusive, soul therapy.  She works in West Sussex but can travel to East Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire on request.

Colouring helps you to re-energise and re-focus your life using a variety of techniques including beautiful colour cards from the Oracle of illumination, Metamorphic technique, flower and gem essences and an interpretation of your choice of coloured bottles in all different shapes and sizes.

A colouring is a healing and health consultation.  It gives individuals an opportunity to recognise their true selves at a very deep level, to become aware of the many gifts they have to offer.  To encourage individuals to find new purpose and direction by using the many gifts and talents that lie within themselves.

Simply choose colours that attract you and we will go from there.  It is light, positive but profound and is suitable and supportive for all.

Consultations on a donation basis. Contact Sue to arrange a consultation

Colour BottlesTestimonials

“I was having problems getting my business off the ground and felt a bit stuck. As the practitioner talked me through the colours I had chosen, I could really relate what she was saying to my life”

“The practitioner seemed to know so much about me and what I was feeling, through the colours and cards I’d chosen. It really was incredible, and I thought such a lot about what she’d said afterwards.

I’d had a lot of hang-ups about my painting, I was more concerned about what other people thought about my work than doing what I wanted to do, and the treatment helped me open up, stop worrying and just let my ideas flow.”