Home at the Colourcafe with Sue Shattock


Colour is an inspirational, healing and creative influence ever present in our lives it can offer an easy and practical way of understanding and celebrating our complete life experience.

What colours do you need today?

Reds action, grounding and doing – dancing, discipline.

Oranges – enjoyment, getting into the swing, getting it together.

Yellows – joy, sunshine, learning new things

Greens – space, direction, decisions. heart, nature nurture

Blues – communication, writing, singing, intuition

Violets – transformation, change, death, service and healing

Pinks – creativity, love and strength, nurture

The Colourcafe is open – make mine a soya cappuccino.

It’s only true if it’s true for you

It seems essential to encourage all at this time to take time to look inside to whatever you call god for “transformation” rather than always outside for “information”.  Check out the “Thought for the day” on one of my favourite sites.  Maybe look at it and then ask inside,  is this true and helpful for me?  http://www.radiosai.org/pages/thought.asp

If you are inspired, write or suggest your own  – why not create a daily reading book for yourself!   If they are positive, uplifting and inspire you, they also might inspire someone else.